Monday, November 2, 2009

Washington...part 1

I know, I know...It's been forever! This dang computer has a mind of it's own. Sometimes it allows me to blog and then other times it throws a temper tantrum and wont even consider it. So I haven't been able to update this since July. Wowzers! So I'll give you a quick run down on the latest happenings with the McKibben Familia.
We were living in Las Vegas while Jon went to graduate school at UNLV. He completed his first year with almost straight A's. He truly enjoyed school and studied very hard. While he was going to school he was an intern at the Water Department for the city of Las Vegas. However due to the economic struggles that this country is facing, he and many others were let go. So here we were...going to school, trying to raise a family and jobless. As hard as he tried to get interviews for various one was hiring. We were at a stand still. Months have gone by and he heard that they were hiring out in Washington. Where we moved from before living in Vegas. He flew out there, hoping to find success at the job fair, put his resume out there and worked the crowd. Fast forward to a couple months later....He gets a phone call saying that they wanted to interview him first over the phone. That was a success. Now they wanted an in person interview back in Washington....And that was a success!!!!!!! He got a job offer and there was NO turning back. It was a hard decision whether or not to finish school in Vegas and just hope we get a job...OR...put his masters degree on hold for a little bit and move to Washington where a job was waiting for him. Not just a job-but a career. We prayed about it and knew that we needed to move back.
So there you go. That is how we ended back here in Tri Cities, Washington. We're loving every minute of it. This place truly feels like home.
Jon's new job graciously put us up in Corporate housing until we were able to find a place of our own. We originally were just planning on a month but finding a place to call "Home" was a little bit more difficult than anticipated. We were given permission to extend our stay at Corporate housing for another month. However we didn't need that much time being that I found an apartment that had an opening and that just so happened to be our number one pick, was also somewhat close to work, affordable, really nice, BIG and on the bottom floor!!!

This is what I woke up to one morning. THis is what happens when mommy isnt around and daddy is responsible for dressing the child. Good thing he didnt take her outside.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy 4 Year Anniversary!

Has it been four years already?!? Every year on our anniversary we look at the time and reminisce on what we were doing at that exact time four years earlier on July 15, 2005. It seems like just yesterday that we got hitched. It was a beautiful and HOT day in San Diego, California. We were surrounded by family and our closest friends. Our sealing ceremony was beautiful and special. Our pictures took a little longer than expected, but I had a blast doing it..Jon not so much. Everyone got sun burned, including the bride and groom. I was smart enough to pack sun block and lather it on...but there was no escaping the intense rays from the sun.
The following day, July 16 2005, we had our wedding reception in Torrance, California. It was so much fun! Filled with dancing, great dinner, great cake, amazing decorations, an awesome DJ, lots of laughter, hugs, kisses, and tears. It was a perfect way to celebrate our union as husband and wife.
We look forward to another 4 years and another 4 years after that and so on and so forth. Happy Anniversary Essay!
(caution..lots of pictures...)

Us 4 years later...For those who know Jon, it takes him SEVERAL pictures to get a decent one. He is either closing his eyes, cut himself out of it, or who knows what else...
Take One:
Take Two:

Take Three:

Take Four: Perfection! (weird..take four...four year anniversary? haha)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Better late than Never!

I realize its been a long time since I've been on this thing and there has been a lot of new adventures that the McKibben trio have experienced. Here are a few things that has been going on:

Erin's 24th Birthday

We celebrated by Jon and I going to my favorite Restaurant...Cheesecake Factory. We shared of piece of Snicker Bar Cheesecake. Auntie Meggie was nice enough to come over and watch Keira while the two of us escaped. Jon made (with the help of me) my traditional bday cake...Chocolate Skor Bar Cake! Also known as "Better than Sex Cake"

Keira's 1st time to the Movies

Both Jon and I felt that she was old enough to be able to tag along with us and see "Up" You would have thought that she died and went straight to heaven. She had a ball! She loved eating tons of popcorn, candy, sippy and watching the biggest "TV" she has ever seen! She sat through all the previews and 95 percent of the movie. Since then, she has gone with us to see Ice Age 3 and she was again, was a perfect little angel.

Daddy Helped Mama with well as Keira

Since Jon is out of a job, he has the amazing opportunity to help me with the cleaning. It's amazing how fast cleaning house can be when you have two people working at it. This particular day I asked Jon if he wanted to clean Keira's high chair..from top to bottom OR scrub the ground. I was happy when he said "I'll do the ground" bc I was not wanting that job. As he was going about his business, he got a little visitor who thought that he was a horse. Jon not only cleaned the kitchen floor beautifully, but he was also able to get in touch with his inner animal.

Bass Pro
Basically this store is sort of: A shopping center, casino, mini aquarium, restaurant, and arcade place. It's huge and has LOTS of stuff for both adults and kids. They even have activity time for the little ones where they are able to makes arts and crafts. We heard of the "mermaids" (employees that dress up as mermaids and swim around) in their HUGE tanks with all the sting rays, sharks and fish. Unfortunately we didn't see Ariel when we went, but still had a great time looking at all the Fishes. Keira was beside herself when she saw the sharks. Not in a good way...She was absolutely terrified. She made sure there was at least 4-5 feet between us and the glass tank. She wrapped both arms and legs around who ever it was who was holding her. We like to call it the "Koala move"

Jon's 27th Birthday
It's crazy to think that my hubby is officially in his late 20's! Yikes! We met when he was fresh off his mission at the young age of 21.The day before his bday his mom drove down from Cedar City to celebrate with us. She was kind enough to make him his very own cake and she took us all out for lunch. In N Out is sooo delicious! Keira loved seeing her Grammie and insisted on having her read her some books. Seeing Grammie definitely made Keira's day.
So, I am a planner. I plan things months in advance and I have every minute acquired for when planning some one's birthday Day. We started off the morning by having my yummy (yet very fatty) Bagel-Cream Cheese-Breakfast Sandwich. He opened some cards, in which he received lots of dinero (thanks to his parents and my parents) I then told him I was picking his clothes out for his Big Birthday Surprise. He was sooo frustrated with me simply bc I wouldn't even give him a clue as to where it was I was taking him. Jon's sister Megan was invited by me and I told her to be at our place at 930am. She was right on the dot. Then we all proceeded out there door to the Birthday Mystery. We all were dressed in comfortable clothes, socks and sneakers. I printed off directions so I wouldn't get lost. We finally arrive at his Bday Surprise. INDOOR SKYDIVING! He and Megan had a blast doing it. (I was too chicken to do it) But Keira and I had a blast watching them through the glass windows. Afterwards, came home for lunch. Then I made his traditional request for his birthday dinner. Stir Fry and fried Rice. We usually go out to a restaurant, but since we were trying to save some dinero, I made it all by scratch. I then made my Grandma Justice's Chocolate cake. It is to DIE for. We had some friends come over to eat some mouth watering cake and to sing him a loud version of Happy Birthday!

(I'll try to post the pictures of his sky diving experience later)

Pretty Girl

I thought this was too cute not to post. Keira waiting to go to church. She LOVES nursery and all her little friends.

(Whoops..this pic is supposed to be with jon's bday...)

Big Girl Bed

We decided that by Keira's third birthday (which is next month) that we would take apart her crib and give her a BIG GIRL BED. She hasn't out grown her crib at all, she LOVES her crib actually, but we want to preserve her gorgeous crib for the future babies that we will welcome. She loves to jump up and down in her crib and when she does this you can literally hear the wood cracking. It makes me cringe each time thinking that she can break it. So last night I decided that today we would do it. We would make that huge step and allowing our "baby" to become a little girl. We still need to actually purchase her a box and a frame for her bed. Don't think we are ghetto by the picture. This is just temporary until we have the money to get these things. But until then, it works. We had her stand in front of her crib for the very last time. Then we took a picture of her on her new bed (or temporary bed until we can get the actual furniture for it) and she wasn't all that impressed. As you can see in her picture she was sad and asking for "Crib Mommy..Where crib?" But she took her first nap in it and did a great job. We're thinking it will take a good week if not longer for her to get used to her new place to catch some Zzzz's.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Take One...Take Two...Take Three??

Taking a picture with Keira is NEVER an easy task. We usually have to take at least 5 pictures to get one semi descent photo. I think she enjoys giving us a hard time by looking away, trying to grab the camera, running away, closing her eyes and her personal favorite-throwing a temper tantrum so she doesn't have to smile for the camera. Here are a few examples:

Take One
Take Two
Take Three
Take Four

Take Five

Then there are times where she refuses to look at me. When she see's the camera in my hand she turns the other way and pretends I'm not even there. Maybe she is trying to look natural? haha..Who knows with that little one. She marches to the beat of her own drummer.

Drool & All

These two already look alike but its even more frightening how they look exactly the same when they sleep.