Monday, November 2, 2009

Washington...part 1

I know, I know...It's been forever! This dang computer has a mind of it's own. Sometimes it allows me to blog and then other times it throws a temper tantrum and wont even consider it. So I haven't been able to update this since July. Wowzers! So I'll give you a quick run down on the latest happenings with the McKibben Familia.
We were living in Las Vegas while Jon went to graduate school at UNLV. He completed his first year with almost straight A's. He truly enjoyed school and studied very hard. While he was going to school he was an intern at the Water Department for the city of Las Vegas. However due to the economic struggles that this country is facing, he and many others were let go. So here we were...going to school, trying to raise a family and jobless. As hard as he tried to get interviews for various one was hiring. We were at a stand still. Months have gone by and he heard that they were hiring out in Washington. Where we moved from before living in Vegas. He flew out there, hoping to find success at the job fair, put his resume out there and worked the crowd. Fast forward to a couple months later....He gets a phone call saying that they wanted to interview him first over the phone. That was a success. Now they wanted an in person interview back in Washington....And that was a success!!!!!!! He got a job offer and there was NO turning back. It was a hard decision whether or not to finish school in Vegas and just hope we get a job...OR...put his masters degree on hold for a little bit and move to Washington where a job was waiting for him. Not just a job-but a career. We prayed about it and knew that we needed to move back.
So there you go. That is how we ended back here in Tri Cities, Washington. We're loving every minute of it. This place truly feels like home.
Jon's new job graciously put us up in Corporate housing until we were able to find a place of our own. We originally were just planning on a month but finding a place to call "Home" was a little bit more difficult than anticipated. We were given permission to extend our stay at Corporate housing for another month. However we didn't need that much time being that I found an apartment that had an opening and that just so happened to be our number one pick, was also somewhat close to work, affordable, really nice, BIG and on the bottom floor!!!

This is what I woke up to one morning. THis is what happens when mommy isnt around and daddy is responsible for dressing the child. Good thing he didnt take her outside.

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